lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Interpreters and Translators

Interview to Laura Sims

The 28th of September, Laura (Jade's Mother) came to my high school to give to my class a visit. She didn't come to see us, how good we are... She came to work with us. We had learnt the different between an Interpreter and a Translator. If you don't know, an interpreter is a person who translate orally at the moment and a translator is a person who translate a document, an interview... but not at the moment, he translate  more relax than the interpreter, the translator translate written. 

What do you think we had to do? 

Laura was our interviewee and we had to be... Their Interpreters ( and interviewers)!!! Yes, we had to do the most difficult, not Translator, Interpreters!!!

Dibujo para colorear IntérpreteIt was good but Diego told us after Laura went home, the interpretation was so so... But we enjoyed a lot.

Now I'm going to show you some things about Laura's life.

Laura was born in Exeter, England. She loves Spain, its culture and gastronomy. She has worked as Spanish teacher and in the construction. She likes sailing and animals. She loves reading and her favorite writer is Margaret. She would like to live in Colombia. And much more!!

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