lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

My life in a timeline

Hi! Today you are going to know more things about my life thanks to this website TimeRime where I've done a timeline of my life.

Sorry, but I've had to use other website to create my timeline but I continue recommending TimeRime. Ey, the other website is Dipity (I must recommend it too :))

Here you are my Timeline:

Check TimeRime, it's cool! (And Dipity too!)

What's up, doc?

Hey there, I've come back to the blog... To school... To life! A new year is going to start with new experiences, new challenges but above all... With new entries!

I hope you liked everything I've written on this blog, because the new entries are going to be much better than the other.

Enjoy the visit! :)

viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Do you want to rock?

Do you know what a Hard Rock Cafe is? If you don’t know it, Hard Rock Cafe is a restaurant and a shop but it’s special because it has memorabilia from famous rock bands and while you are eating you’re listening to rock music.

The last English project is related with Hard Rock Cafe. A company (each group of the class) has to open a Hard Rock Cafe wherever we want but to open the local we have to present a dossier with the things we want to introduced in our Hard Rock Cafe such as the decoration, the location of the local, memorabilia from rock bands, activities...

My group Homobe inc. composed by Andrea, Christian and I. We have decided to open a Hard Rock Cafe in Granada where we will have an original decoration of the local, interesting activities, some memorabilia... You can see more information about our dossier in Andrea’s blog and Christian’s blog.

When we finished the project we had to present it in Marbella’s Hard Rock Cafe but ,before that, we had to present it in the school to the Board of Director (some teachers of the school).

Also we have done a prezi presentation about our Hard Rock Cafe and a funny advert. You can see them in Andrea’s blog and Christian’s blog.

I hope you like it! :)

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

MLK Day!

During the 21th of January week, our class have been working about Martin Luther King Jr. because the 21th of January have been the MLK's day.

Andrea and me have done a PechaKucha that is a presentation 20x20 which means ''20 slides in 20 seconds''. In this PechaKucha we have talked about the Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement in USA, and in Martin Luther King too.

Here is our work, I hope you like it! :)

Where am I?

Hi guys! You will be thinking why I'm not blogging, so here is the answer.


This is a platform where you are in a virtual school class, i mean, this is a platform of students and teachers where you write posts that your teacher and partners can see and comment them. EDMODO is too easy to use,it is very very very useful and you learn a lot writing posts, commenting posts and reading other students's posts. If you are a parent don't worry, you can be looking at the work that your son has done by singing up in the botton ''I'm a parent''. Also, the teacher gives badges to the students who has done a good job, such as the badge of good coment for example.

Here I'm going to leave the link of the web page of EDMODO to you to investigate it and to sing up if you want.

  EDMODO's web page

Now that I have explained where I am, I'm going to inform you that I'm not going to be here for a time, so... See you soon! :)

martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Bank Of Common Knowledge

How to typewrite?

First I'm going to start telling you what a BCK (Bank Of Common Knowledge) is, a BCK is a ''place'' like a social network, web pages, schools, meeting places, etc. where you teach the people a special hability that you have and the people learn interesting thing that they want to learn, summarizing, they learn things that you already know because they are interested to learn it. For example, I know how to typewrite and I'm going to teach the people who is interested to learn how to typewrite.

I have done a video where I record my voice, my keyboard and my computer' screen. The video teach you how to put the fingers on the keyboard and how to use some keys and combination of some keys.
 I hope this video is helpful for you! :)

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

English Books

What to read?

I'm gonna read a book called ''A Sherlock Holmes Collection", as you can read its a book of Sherlock Holmes. Ouuh yeah, it's was very difficult to know it!!!

As all Sherlock Holmes' books, it consists of a Crime that only Detective Holmes and his assistant and friend Doc Watson will be able to resolve. It's a Mistery, Detective and Crime book.

Here i'm going to leave you a video of the soundtrack of Sherlock Holmes Film. Enjoy it!