viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Do you want to rock?

Do you know what a Hard Rock Cafe is? If you don’t know it, Hard Rock Cafe is a restaurant and a shop but it’s special because it has memorabilia from famous rock bands and while you are eating you’re listening to rock music.

The last English project is related with Hard Rock Cafe. A company (each group of the class) has to open a Hard Rock Cafe wherever we want but to open the local we have to present a dossier with the things we want to introduced in our Hard Rock Cafe such as the decoration, the location of the local, memorabilia from rock bands, activities...

My group Homobe inc. composed by Andrea, Christian and I. We have decided to open a Hard Rock Cafe in Granada where we will have an original decoration of the local, interesting activities, some memorabilia... You can see more information about our dossier in Andrea’s blog and Christian’s blog.

When we finished the project we had to present it in Marbella’s Hard Rock Cafe but ,before that, we had to present it in the school to the Board of Director (some teachers of the school).

Also we have done a prezi presentation about our Hard Rock Cafe and a funny advert. You can see them in Andrea’s blog and Christian’s blog.

I hope you like it! :)

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